Learning through play

First Steps Pre-school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), encouraging learning and emotional and social development through play with other children and adults. 

We keep a ‘learning journal’ recording all children's progress within the EYFS framework, which includes written observations and photos of your child at pre-school as well as input from parents. The journal is shared with school when your child is ready to move on. All activities are linked into seven main learning areas.

Interest table

Prime development areas

  • Personal, social and emotional development: Activities include an interest table, discussions at registration and encouraging children to take turns, all coupled with personal hygiene.

  • Communication and language: Language skills are naturally developed through social role-play, small world play, songs and rhymes and as children explore, discover and share new things with those around them.

  • Physical development: Activities for gross motor skills include playing on the climbing frame, playing with bats, balls and hoops and riding the trikes and scooters. Fine motor skills include cutting, threading, drawing and working with small objects like pegs boards and hammer and tacks.

Specific areas

  • Understanding the world: Activities include cooking, junk modeling, nature trails, small world play, job role-play and a range of age appropriate technology.

  • Mathematics: Activities include building blocks, counting rhymes and songs, weighing ingredients using scales, estimating and measuring with tapes.

  • Literacy: Children have lots of opportunities for mark making and when they're ready to write their name and form letters, we fully encourage them with fine motor activities and strategies to help them form letters correctly.

  • Expressive arts and design: This area covers art, music and dance as well as the creativity of thought and free expression developed through imaginary play.

Art and design

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